Monday, February 7, 2011

Get your garden spade ready!

With Spring right around the corner, and the "scare" of GM or GE foods in the market,
there's no better time then now to start your own garden.
The cool climate of Ontario means a shorter growing season for most plants, especially annuals. Extend your growing season by starting seeds indoors.
Heirloom and organic seeds are easily available, and there is tons of info on the web to get you in the right direction.
There is nothing like enjoying a slice of fresh tomato still warm from the sun!

Introducing----- PPQ

Pyrroloquinoline quinone (PPQ)
Once viewed as a nonessential antioxidant, PPQ was first discovered in 1979, although it wasn't immediately recognized as a vitamin. In 1995, a study in the Nutrition Review, discussed PPQ's usefulness as an antioxidant in fighting cellular damage. A recient study had firmly established PPQ as the first nre vitamin to be identified by scientists in 55 years.
The best know source of PPQ is natto.
Other PPQ-rich foods include parsley, greem tea, green peppers, kiwi and papaya.

Friday, February 4, 2011


Summary of Enviropig (from

The goal of the GM Enviropig™ is to provide intensive livestock operations (factory farms) with a product to reduce the amount of polluting phosphorous they produce. Phosphorous from animal manure is a nutrient for plants that becomes a pollutant if there is too much of it for crops to absorb, and the excess runs off into streams and lakes. Researchers claim that the feces from Enviropig™ could contain 30 to 70.7% less phosphorus.
Enviropig™ is designed to reduce the amount of phosphorous coming from the pigs themselves, so that factory farms do not have to pay for other measures such as reducing the number of pigs they raise in one place, changing feed ingredients, trucking liquid manure longer distances, dry composting manure, or expanding the area of land for spreading manure.
Enviropig™ is genetically engineered to produce the enzyme phytase in its salivary glands to enable more effective digestion of phytate, the from of phosphorus found in pig feed ingredients like corn and soybeans. Scientists inserted a transgene sequence that includes an E-coli bacteria phytase gene and a mouse promoter gene sequence.
In February 2010, Environment Canada granted approval to the University of Guelph for the reproduction and exportation of Enviropig™. Health Canada could approve Enviropig™ for human consumption at any time.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dr Hyla Cass on 610 CKTB Sunday January 9th at 7:30am

This Sunday Julie will be talking with Dr Hyla Cass MD.
Dr Cass will be discussing her new book 8 weeks to Vibrant Health, A woman's take-charge program to correct imbalances, reclaim energy, and restore well-being.

Dr Hyla Cass is one of the country's foremost authors and speakers on the subject of integrative medicine. A former Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at UCLA School of Medicine, she has incorporated nutrition and natural health techniques into her practice for more than 20 years.
Dr. Cass' years of experience have yielded three guiding principles:
Treat the whole person - mind, body, spirit, and environment.
Look first for the deepest root problems beneath any symptoms.
Apply a continuum of treatments, always beginning with the safest, most natural, and most benign.
Dr Cass book helps women overcome these common health problems by providing:
  • A safe, proven approach to restoring body balance and general health that incorporates the best therapies from mainstream medicine and from integrative and natural medicine
  • Self-assessments and other powerful diagnostic tools to help identify specific imbalances and their triggers
  • Detailed guidance on diet, nutritional and herbal supplements, lifestyle changes, detoxification programs, exercise programs, and other methods of restoring vibrant health

Does your new year resolution include hormone balance, increased strength and stamina and lowering stress??

Maca is a superfood grown in harsh weather conditions on mountain tops in Peru.
It has such an incredible list of nutrients, containing amino acids, 20 fatty acids, vitamins, saponins, tannins, carbohydrates, protein, and benzyl isothiocyanate, p-methoxbenzyl isothiiocyanate and l-ecdeysone.

It is a nutritious root plant that regulates & restores ideal hormonal balance in both sexes, helps reduce stress, improves sexual function and increases energy & stamina.

If your interested in learning more about the benefits of maca stop in and ask for a free copy of  "The Power of Maca" by Lorrie Ingram B.H. SC (HONS), RHN, RNCP
To learn more about Lorrie visit

Does your new year resolution include hormone balance, increased strength and stamina and lowering stress??

Alfalfa vs ice??

Adapted from The Organic Suburbanite, by Warren Schultz.

Most of us can stand the cold. Snow, even lots of it, has its charm. But ice that’s not on a skating rink is another story, especially when it’s clinging to steps, sidewalks, and driveways.
So we follow tradition and pour on the salt to make the ice go away. Then, come spring, we scratch our heads and wonder why the grass is brown or the perennials are stunted.
The reason is … salt. Sure, it melts the snow, but it can also leave a lot of dead and damaged plants in its wake to say nothing of the salt that washes off into sewers and groundwater. In time, salt actually eats away at the concrete of steps and sidewalks.
Here are some little-known, eco-safe, great ice breakers:
Ice Melter: Alfalfa meal. This is a totally natural fertilizer that contains nitrogen to promote ice melting and has a texture to provide traction while it works.
Traction Helpers: For just plain traction, cover ice with wood ashes, coal cinders, sand, or cat litter.
Slip Stoppers: Invest in some non-slip stair treads for your favorite slippery steps.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Let us help you reach your goal.

Let us help you reach your goal for 2011!
We kicked off the year with Julie Daniluk RHN on the radio, She explained the connection between our adrenals, stress and diet. We also offered "The adrenal stress connection" book for free, which includes a variety of healthy recipes Julie Daniluk wrote for the book.
Next Sunday Julie Beaver will be interviewing Dr Hyla Cass MD, They will be discussing Dr Cass’s new book 8 Weeks to Vibrant Health. 

At the store we are preparing daily salads, soups, fresh juice, sandwich's and other healthy lunch/dinner options.
We also have knowledgeable staff to guide you through your cleansing, detoxing, or healthy eating goals!
Stop in for a visit!